Goelst: curtain rail products

Goelst will put you on the right track. Choose a rail type according to the fabrics, style and type of curtain you wish to hang. Choose an operating method. No combination is impossible.

Regardless of your choice, all Goelst curtain rails are crafted from the highest quality aluminium and are equipped with the smoothest and most silent runners.

Manually operated rails

2102 curtain rail system 4600 4700 2900 profiles

Manually operated Goelst curtain rails are available in three categories: narrow curtain track, wide curtain track and multiple curtain track.

Depending on the look and the weight of your curtains, you will choose an elegant narrow track for lighter fabrics and a robust wide track for heavier fabrics.

Multiple tracks create two to three perfectly parallel tracks with one single unit. An ideal solution for combining for instance sheers and draw curtains.


Download Goelst manually operated rails (narrow track) brochure


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Cord-operated curtain rails

5100 cord operated curtain rails 5300 cord operated curtain track 5600 cord operated curtain rails  Cord operated curtains

Curtain rails operated by cord are an elegant solution and ensure curtains that run smoothly and silently. The rails come in a number of types and are suitable for both light and heavy curtains. The rail systems can be bent by our experts to fit any shape or space.

Specific systems, like the roman blind tracks, panel tracks or cubicle rail, can also be cord-operated.


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Electric curtain rails

6200 Elektrische gordijnrails toebehoren Nice RF Radiografische bediening Electric curtain track  in living room

For the most luxurious and practical finish, electrically operated curtain systems are the obvious choice. The electric systems can be managed with IR or RF remote control or can be connected to a home automation system.

Operating curtains by remote control offers many advantages. Window coverings that are difficult to reach, placed high up or in a skylight, can easily be managed. Moreover, an electric curtain rail is an essential and practical solution for people that are less mobile. And lastly, electric curtain rails can continue operation during absence, simulating occupancy. A comforting addition to your security measures.

Attractive options include a releasable pilot runner (PRS) that allows manual operation.


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Cubicle curtain rail

4100 profile cubicle curtain track 4100  cubicle curtain track system 5100 profile cubicle curtain track Hospital curtain track

The Goelst cubicle curtain rail systems are specifically designed for the health care sector and have been the industry standard for years. The rail is typically used for bed separation in hospitals and other health institutions, but could also be applied as industrial separation in businesses or even in homes.

The system can be equipped with a Load Release System to meet anti ligature requests and, naturally, our cubicle tracks can be motorized. Handy accessories such as an IV rack, IV hook and curtain holder can be included.


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Roman blind systems

7400-E 7400 7800 Roman blinds

Whether used as a stand-alone system or in combination with regular curtains, roman blinds bring warmth and style to any interior. The vertical movement of the blinds is ideal for blocking a certain view, for hindering curious looks from passers-by or for effectively darkening a space.

Roman blinds are also a space saver. Typically, they are installed inside the window recess, so they don’t take up any wall space.

Goelst roman blind systems are suitable for all kinds of fabrics and can be operated by cord, by chain or electrically. The blinds can be locked at any desired height. A semi-automatic function is optional: the blind then lowers automatically after a single short pulling motion.


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Panel curtain systems

Panel track curtains in bedroom Panel curtains track - profiles 7330 panel curtain system Panel curtains in dining room

The panel curtain systems by Goelst invite you to think creatively: whether you want to dress impressive windows, create a room divider or section off closet space, a panel curtain is always a stylish and flexible solution. Moreover, the flat panel does justice to any textile design you wish to display.

The Goelst panels can be used as free, single units or they can be linked. Linked panels can be operated electrically, by cord or by draw-rod.


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Shower curtain rails

4100 profile 5100 profile Shower curtain rails for hospital / healthcare 4200 rendering

In many sectors, like the health care industry, smooth running shower curtains are not just desirable but essential for reasons of safety, comfort and practicality. That’s why Goelst shower curtain rails are skilfully crafted from a single piece of rail, including bends. This continuous aluminium profile with water resistant fittings ensures that shower curtains always run smoothly and silently, year after year.

Stable installation of this rail is a breeze with the included mounting accessories.


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Skylight / conservatory systems

skylight / wintergarden system 6500 6700 Conservatory skylight system

Conservatories, skylights and other spaces with transparent roofs ask for specific solutions. They are often hard to reach, may have peculiar shapes or challenging angles. Yet, you may still want to block out sunlight, regulate interior temperature or temper acoustics.

In all cases, the Goelst systems will provide a solution. Goelst can deliver systems for all window shapes and angles. The systems are electrical and can be operated with a remote control or home automation system.


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Picture hanging systems

Picture hanging system in bedroom Picture hanging system in office corridor Picture hanging system in office Picture hanging system in hallway

In many industries, but also increasingly at home, wall decorations are exchanged, rearranged or moved regularly. This usually results in a pockmarked wall. With STAS picture hanging systems, exchanging a frame will become as easy as pie. And your walls remain intact.

A picture hanging system consists of a neutral picture rail and matching cords and hooks. The rail is mounted on a wall or ceiling. The cords are then hooked into the rail and the hooks are slid over the cord to the desired height. The final step is simply hanging your objects on the hooks. No complex layout planning or measuring is necessary, just make it up and adjust as you go along. For the ultimate effect, our systems can be equipped with LED or halogen fixtures to highlight your favourite objects.

In short: picture hanging systems are a neutral, elegant and very flexible solution for static wall design. The best part: buy just once and you’re set for life.



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Swing system

Swing system - curtains provided with a snap belt. Swing system 6200 electric curtain track Swing system - curtains with a regular fold

The Swing system is not a rail system, it is a rail addition. The special Swing technique creates beautiful curtains with a regular fold; a luxurious look that can be found worldwide in hotels, yachts, but also in private homes.

Swing can be used in combination with curtain systems that are operated manually, electrically or by cord.


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